What is B for Bacchus?

The B in B for Bacchus stands for the various parts of Lebanon that all link back to Bacchus, the Roman god of wine: Bekaa, Bhamdoun, Batroun, Baalbeck, Byblos, and even Beirut in some ways.

Lebanon’s wine industry is booming but still very underrepresented globally, and even locally to a certain extent. Although small in comparison to the mighty wine regions across Europe and the US, Lebanon’s wine world is a rich, competitive community with new producers mushrooming every year. There are a few established names but there are so many more families with stories untold and bottles unpopped.

B for Bacchus offers 2-hour wine workshops that take you on a journey through Lebanon’s wine regions, history, and flavors – all without needing to leave Beirut. Each session is broken down into presentations paired with wines that suit the topic at hand. It’s not a classroom but we are hoping you learn something and taste something new. Regardless of whether you know nothing or everything about wine, these tastings are meant to be informative yet light & fun.

In October 2019, the B for Bacchus podcast was launched.
This podcast is dedicated to wine stories from across the Levant, Eastern Mediterranean, and the Caucasus.

Sessions/episodes are hosted in English by B for Bacchus founder, Farrah Berrou. She is a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), American Wine Expert (AWE), and Certified WSET Level 2. She has a background in biology, design, and advertising as well as a knack for sharing knowledge of things she’s passionate about.

Farrah also really loves making people love Lebanon.

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