On the Podcast: Season Two

23. LEVANT – Arak & mountains are like salt & pepper B for Bacchus

Over Zoom, Farrah speaks to Joseph and Marwan El Asmar about arak. Joseph, calling in from South Lebanon's Jezzine, is the author of The Milk of Lions, a book about the history of alcohol in the Middle East. Meanwhile, his son Marwan is based in NYC and continues his father's research on arak now that the book has been published.  The second half of the episode includes snippets from listeners across the world as they share their thoughts, memories, and tips on the aniseed-flavored drink of the Levant.  A Brief History of Alcohol Ancient Egypt’s Toxic Makeup Fought Infection, Researchers Say Jabir Ibn Hayyan Maria the Jewess Cleopatra: The ancient alchemist who quested for gold Subscribe B for Bacchus on Patreon
  1. 23. LEVANT – Arak & mountains are like salt & pepper
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