On the Podcast: Wine of the Bean

20. JUST A DROP – The Lost Glass and Cigarette B for Bacchus

JUST A DROP: Less than 10 minutes about a wine topic, some news, and updates. Once again, Farrah went a little over the 10-minute mark for this one. After stumbling upon 1924's lost silent film "WINE," Farrah investigated if there are any wine films of the region and she visited Abboudi Abou Jaoude for some help. This is what she discovered. Most of America's Silent Films Are Lost Forever Who was the original It girl? ABBOUDI ABOU JAOUDÉ AND THE FORGOTTEN ERA OF ARAB CINEMA 1955's "A Glass and a Cigarette" – dubbed in Russian Blogpost on Smash-Up & A Glass and a Cigarette ‘Made in Egypt?’ Egyptian films seen as knock-offs of Western productions
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