The 2020 List

We don’t want to rate wines or give points because what you like is a subjective thing regardless of the price, grape, or brand. But if you’re curious and you want to expand your palate by trying something different, you’ll find a new suggested bottle here every month. None of the wines listed here are sponsored.


Couvent Rouge Leb Nat 2019

A new release and the first pét-nat in Lebanon, Couvent Rouge’s Leb Nat white is made with organic Viognier and Grenache Blanc. Also available in rosé (Syrah and Obaideh).

About the white:

The Viognier really shines here. It’s like a peach cobbler without the sugary glaze, the stone fruit foam is followed by a nutty cream on the palate with a kick – it’s crisp but not too dry, the freshness is just the boost needed for the post-work, pre-weekend Thursday evening.

Farrah, B for Bacchus founder

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Chateau St Thomas Pinot Noir 2014

One of the few wineries to produce a monocepage of Pinot Noir in Lebanon, which is surprising in itself given the grape’s love for cooler climates, Chateau St Thomas hits the mark with this medium-bodied beauty.

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Reserve Ammiq Cuvée 2009

An underrated steal, the Reserve Ammiq Cuvée has a great price for a good bottle of red blend. It’s Cabernet Sauvignon with our two adopted red grapes: Carignan and Cinsault.

For being 10 years old, it’s aged like Rufus Sewell. It’s got character, it’s balanced and peppery, .

Farrah, B for Bacchus founder

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Sept Winery Obeideh Skin-Contact 2019

Sept, the only biodynamic winery in Lebanon, launched the first skin-contact white wine in an experimental batch of 183 bottles. A slice of dried apricot wrapped in perfumed petals that has developed the character of an aged, honeyed white, if you get a chance to try this limited release, don’t turn it down.

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Vertical33 Cinsault du Soir 2016

Cinsault is Lebanon’s specialty as of late. Vertical33‘s du Soir (they have 2 expressions of Cinsault) is a lovely transition wine as Spring temperatures start to rise and we get ready to shift into Summer.

It’s a bucket of strawberries with a sprinkle of soft pepper. You could mistake if for a Pinot Noir at first glance until the wave of fresh red fruit hits your tongue.

Farrah, B for Bacchus founder