Lebanese Wines to Taste

We don’t want to rate wines or give points because what you like is a subjective thing regardless of the price, grape, or brand.
But if you’re curious and you want to expand your palate by trying something different, you’ll find a new suggested bottle here every month.


Couvent Rouge Leb Nat 2019

A new release and the first pét-nat in Lebanon, Couvent Rouge‘s Leb Nat white is made with organic Viognier and Grenache Blanc. Also available in rosé (Syrah and Obaideh).

About the white:

The Viognier really shines here. It’s like a peach cobbler without the sugary glaze, the stone fruit foam is followed by a nutty cream on the palate with a kick – it’s crisp but not too dry, the freshness is just the boost needed for the post-work, pre-weekend Thursday evening.

Farrah, B for Bacchus founder

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Reserve Ammiq Cuvée 2009

An underrated steal, the RA Cuvée has a great price for a good bottle of red blend. It’s Cabernet Sauvignon with our two adopted red grapes: Carignan and Cinsault.

For being 10 years old, it’s aged like Rufus Sewell. It’s got character, it’s balanced and peppery, and you wouldn’t mind having dinner with it every night. Perfect to drink now.

Farrah, B for Bacchus founder

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