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Virtual table

In light of COVID-19, B for Bacchus wine classes had gone online.
However, Lebanon has been in a sharp decline and residents are left in darkness, debt, and depression. In order to help in some way, Farrah will be hosting an online History of Lebanese Wine class: a spot in exchange for a $30 donation to the organization of your choice.

If you don’t know who to donate to, you can pick an organization/initiative from the list here or email us and we’ll help you find one.



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Virtual Table for Lebanon

Once you’ve donated, forward your confirmation email to Farrah at info@bforbacchus.com to book your spot. She will reach out to you personally to see what bottle of Lebanese wine you can source for the session based on what you have. If you don’t have one, she’ll help you track one down based on where you are in the world, when/if possible.

Join the table with about a dozen others from across the world as we dive into Lebanese wine from the comfort of your own home.